Everyone who comes here should realise just how lucky they are.

An authentic cave

Unlike the facsimile of Lascaux, the Pech Merle Cave is the real thing, as are its 70 representations of animals and humans : mammoths, horses, bisons, stags' heads, hands…

1 km of galleries, 7 caverns, crystalline formations, prehistoric paintings and engravings - it's easy to see why Pech Merle is considered as one of the major painted caves in France. 

The pearl of the Célé Valley

Two young lads, André David and Henri Dutertre, discovered this amazing place in the Célé Valley in 1922.  It's been open to the public since 1926.

A perfect gem that should be preserved

From February to November, group size limited to 25 people maximum, our guides are here to tell you the story of this cave.

Please note : to ensure its conservation, the number of visitors to the cave is limited to 700 people per day in July and August. It's therefore wise to reserve a visit in advance. Tickets must be collected from the ticket office a quarter of an hour before your allotted visit time.

So that you can better analyse this waking dream, the same ticket enables you to visit the cave, to watch the film about it and to visit the exhibitions in the Prehistory Museum located on site.

What makes the visit special/fun ?

  • Get to know your stalagmites from your stalactites
  • Our top-class guides
  • The impressive oak-tree roots inside the cave
  • The privilege of visiting a real, original cave

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