This small vineyard area following the course of the Lot river is one of the oldest in Europe.

Malbec, a very French grape variety

The main grape variety used to produce Cahors wine is Malbec. Anecdotally, this variety has ensured the success of Argentinian wines, and yet it's definitely French !!!

Why use a variety with such strong character ? Perhaps because it makes the wine powerful and gives it a black colour ;  it's often called "Black Wine".

The best ! Go meet a winemaker

The icing on the Cahors cake is visitng the vineyards, and visits to individual estates are almost always accompanied by the wine maker him/herself. Who better to tell you about their own product, and to give you a tasting ?

Do go and meet them. They're always happy to talk about their land, even if you know nothing whatsoever about wine. And you can choose from 67 estates which are open for visits all year round. It's best to let them know you're coming.

For a little tour around the estates :