You know when there's some in the fridge the moment you open the door ! Yes, it smells good, this little cheese...

AOP or nothing

t's thanks to the unpasteurised milk from the goats who feed on the aromatic and varied vegetation of the Causses du Quercy and to the know-how of the producers that the Lot has its cheese with a prestigious name and an AOP (Protected Denomination of Origin).

In all the good restaurants

All the restaurants in the Lot serve it. Hot or cold, it's undoubtedly best when kept simple : on a piece of toast with a drizzle of honey or of saffron syrup. Watch out ! It sometimes wants to escape from your bread or toast, it's so soft and runny !

Visit a farm

The production of this cheese remains on the human scale : 90 operators are involved in its making, from the milk-producers to the cheesemonger.

If you'd like to buy some, about thirty producers sell at the farm gate. A great thing to do with the children is to visit the farm and even watch the milking… and taste the cheese !

You can, of course, take some home with you - it's a very good idea ! just one thing :  get it vacuum packed (and keep it cool) or else your car will be.. er.. perfumed…

But don't let that stop you…

To find out how it is made :