You have the prospect of a beautiful cruise ahead of you if come boating on the Lot. Here are three ideas for exploring according to the time and budget you have.

From the Middle Ages onwards, "gabares" (flat-bottomed cargo boats) used to sail down the Lot carrying coal, wine and fruit to the great cities of the South-western plains.

Captain on a houseboat

Nowadays, the gabares have mutated into houseboats which from April to October ply the river from Luzech to Larnagol, via Cahors. No licence is needed for you to become the captain of one of these boats and to be gently carried along enjoying the varied scenery as it slides by….

However, you have to be prepared for some work to get through the 17 locks (all but one manually operated), but that's all part of the adventure, and how good is it to be able to tie up below the mediaeval village of St. Cirq Lapopie ! One week to make a 160 kms return trip from the boating centre of your choice is perfect for exploring the vineyards, Cahors market and the attractive villages which lie along the river.

From 700€ per week and 350€ per 2-day weekend

What's special :

  • Exploring the landscapes and villages from the river
  • Taking your time and stopping for a visit or a bathe
  • Meeting friendly people on other boats
  • Becoming an expert on how to get through a lock
  • Fishing from on board the boat
  • Drifting off to sleep to the water's gentle murmuring

A day is enough !


The Gabarot is just the thing : this mini-gabare with seats shaded from the sun is perfect for a day's outing with the family, taking a picnic along.

From 40€ for 1 hr.

An hour and a half all-inclusive ?

Embark on one of the "Bateaux promenade" passenger boats in Cahors, Bouziès or St. Cirq Lapopie for a cruise with commentary.

Between 10 € and 11 € for a cruise