Here's an itinerary from Gluges to Pinsac (20kms) which includes some fairytale scenery with steep cliffs under which shelter picturesque villages and on which stand elegant castles. Just one condition : you must be able to swim !

Get paddling

Just below the Gluges suspension bridge, with the instructions in mind and wearing your lifejacket, it's the moment to get the canoes into the water. Nothing to worry about ! The current is moderate in summer and the water is about 20°C., of very good quality.

Montvalent - Creysse

From the start, the river runs below an impressive cliff and the silhouette of Montvalent stands out proudly above the Dordogne. The river makes a meander, changes direction, and Creysse comes into view, a pretty village which is well worth a stop. 

Meyronne - Lacave

Further on, near Meyronne and Saint Sozy, the valley widens out. It is bordered by trees, meadows, and cultivated fields, but very soon the Dordogne once more laps against the cliffs. The canoes glide past an impressive mass of rock known as the "Rochers de Monge". Opposite you, the village of Lacave comes into view, tucked into the left bank, in the shade of a rock wall. 


A few hundred metres further on, the elegant Château de Belcastel appears. As though it were suspended above the water, this proud sentinel announces that you are nearing the end of your expedition. But before disembarking at Pinsac bridge, the Dordogne has one more surprise for you : the resurgent stream of Meyraguet. Here, the river glides into the rock, penetrates underneath the cliff then flows through a series of cavities. The water is cool and limpid and the canoe hugs the rock wall as far as the first siphon, 120 metres further on. This adventure on the water comes to an end here, and your canoe hire company will take you back to your car !

One day ? One week ? No matter. The main thing is to let your mind glide along at the gentle pace of your canoe !

Fun about it

  • Enjoying the natural environment
  • Diving into the Dordogne from your canoe
  • Picnicking in the shade on the riverbank
  • Doing a bit of exercise

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