The bedrock and sparse native vegetation often appear on the surface of these paths which you can follow on foot, on horseback or MBK.

Explore our heritage

Rambling along the paths across the Causse brings you reminders of a time when rural activity was intense here. Gariottes (small shelters built of dry stone), dolmens, St. Namphaise ponds, and dry stone walls are all to be seen as you walk the Causse paths. Here, you are in the heart of the Causse du Quercy Regional Natural Park (Parc naturel régional des Causses du Quercy), a walkers' paradise. 


Numerous footpaths enable you to explore this rural heritage : some of them go through Environmentally Sensitive Areas. These paths provide a different type of rambling - more responsible and more attentive to the environment.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ENS) bring to your attention fragile habitats which need protection. You walk around them (in 2 or 3 hours), not necessarily to see the typical scenery of Quercy, but because they form unexpected micro-zones, like so many hidden, precious little corners, populated by a flora and fauna which are interesting, varied and, in some cases, rare.

In order to get the most out of your walk, obtain the relevant ENS guide (on sale in Tourist Offices and in various languages) : a series of cards which, when inserted into the discreet interactive signposts at intervals along the path, become like viewing tables which help you to decipher the countryside, identify the flora and fauna and understand rural traditions.

For the ESA (ENS) walking tours on the Causse :

On horseback 

Even those who've never ridden before get the urge to do so ! The Causse is perfect for horse riding, with ground that is just right : neither too heavy nor too wet. 

Numerous itinerant riding tours (with stopovers) are available, and you can also call on the services of an equestrian guide for a single excursion or for a riding holiday.

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Whether you're into the sport, or just a casual rider, MBK is the ideal way to follow the tracks over the Causse that have been traced out by the "Caussenardes", the sheep with black circles around their eyes.  The circuits balisés  (signposted tours) are available for your use and you can download the info or routes for your GPS.