The choice is yours : trout, pike, zander …

Rod in hand, waders up to the thighs, anglers are spoilt for choice here. Just for their pleasure, there are 1500 kms of 1st category streams, 400 kms of 2nd category rivers, 35 lakes and ponds.

For trout, head for the waters of the Ségala, particularly rich in wild trout and typical of the Massif Central : remote, intimate places, where few people go….

In the river Dordogne, with your waders deep in the water, you can enjoy an unrivalled view of the cliffs and the castles perched high upon them. this river is particularly good for fly fishing.

As for the river Lot, it's the river par excellence for carnivorous fish ; slipways set up between Cajarc and Puy l'Evêque make boat access easy.

Finally, let's not forget the carp enthusiasts : in the river Lot, known for its "record carp" (approaching 30 kg !) night fishing is practised all year round. 

Finally, don't forget the three "no kill" stretches on the Lot, the Célé and the Bave, intended for the conservation of the fish population. 

Useful to know : the Département has a network of dedicated angling accommodation located close to angling spots.

A website for anglers

The Lot Anglers' Federation has a very informative website with, amongst other info, a complete listing in detail of all the Lot's angling waters, calendar of events for adults and children, list of dedicated angling guides, all the regulations, and links to enable you to order your fishing licence on line.