Imagine a deep gorge with impressive white cliffs splashed with the green of trees, and you'll have an idea of Autoire.

A cascade of brown roofs

Here, between Gramat and St. Céré, on the sun-warmed causse, Autoire's houses  form a cascade of brown roofs and light-coloured façades down the hillside. In this  harmonious blend of colours, you find a fountain, half-timbered houses, and elegant gentlemen's residences flanked by small towers.

Little Versailles

Under the protection of the Viscounts of Turenne for centuries, Autoire has a serene atmosphere firmly implanted over its eight hundred years of existence. Because manor houses and small châteaux were built here, the village was nicknamed « Petit Versailles » and has been awarded the status of «one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France ».

Don't miss :

  • the perfectly-restored square pigeon-towers
  • the 30 metre high cascade, the highest in the département

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