A picture postcard

Built in the name of courage and of faith, clinging to a cliff above the gorges of the Alzou, this village's mediaeval houses and semi-troglodytic chapels are framed in a picture postcard setting. A picture postcard, certainly,  but one full of charm, charisma and spirituality.

An important centre of pilgrimage

Rocamadour is first and foremost an important centre of pilgrimage. From the 12th C. onwards, it attracted sovereigns and saints from all over Europe. As its success grew, the little settlement was gradually covered with religious buildings and fortifications. In the 15th C., as pilgrimages dropped out of fashion, Rocamadour gradually lapsed into oblivion. It was not until 1858 that important building works were begun to restore the sanctuaries. The Neo-Gothic "troubadour" style was then in vogue and left its imprint firmly on the village.

Don't miss

  • The courtyard surrounded by the sanctuaires, with the Saint Sauveur basilica, the church of Saint-Amadour, the chapel of Notre Dame (Our Lady) in which stands the statue of the Black Virgin in wood and the chapel of Saint-Michel.
  • L’Hospitalet, the esplanade from which you get the finest view of the village.
  • The pedestrian street, Rocamadour's only shopping street. Between two boutiques, you can spot the fine houses which line it. The Maison Hugon (13th - 17th C.), the Maison de l’Ecu, the Maison de la Caretta (14th C.), the Town Hall and the Lurçat tapestries.

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