An eternal gem

« An impossible rose in the night ». In the words of surrealist author André Breton, St-Cirq-Lapopie remains this eternal jewel over which Time seems to glide without leaving its mark. Fresh out of the Middle Ages, this village in part a listed monument, has to be explored on foot, all the better to absorb the nobility of its architecture, the elegance of its arcades, flights of steps, fortified gates…

An artist's paradise 

Seeking inspiration, artists have found their "Promised Land" here where they can let their imagination run free. Is it because of the gradation of subtle shades of brown  ? The harmony of the volumes ? The exceptionally good views of the Lot valley ? Whatever it may be, painters, poets and writers have kept coming here to dip their pens and brushes into all this beauty. The many galleries and studios which have taken over its old buildings are witness to this.

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